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A brief summary of our services:

  I. Real Estate & Construction Law 

  •  Acquisition & Due Diligence

  • Contractor Mechanic's Lien

  • Contract Negotiation

  •  Property Title & Claims Clearance

  • Leases & Management 

   II. Business  Transactions

  •  Business Acquisitions; Contracts

  •  Business Set Up

  •  Business Finance Projects

  • Stake Holder Conflict Resolution 

  • Employment Law

  •  US  Visa/residency petitions via Business operations

  III. Lawsuit Resolution & Litigation

  • Mediation

  • Arbitration

  • Trial 

  • Commercial contract litigation

   IV. Aviation Industry Transactions

  • Aircraft sale transactions

  • Flight school & accredited repair shop certifications from FAA;

  • Business aircraft ownership trusts

   V.  Estate Planning & Probate

  • Wills & Trusts

  • Trustee Services









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We are a boutique law firm with hardworking lawyers & professionals  with over 29 years of experience. We can deliver creative and practical solutions to address our clients' needs. Dissecting clients' issues from multiple angles, allows us to deliver consistently, while meeting any challenges that arise in the course of our work. 

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We focus on the factual & legal issues in four rigorous steps:

  1. We collect all information to identify the best route to your goals; 

  2. We work diligently with clients in drawing a feasible timetable to apply resources with budgets;

  3. We assign at least two team member/attorneys to each client to work in tandem for maximum efficiency;

  4.  We monitor and provide status of cases closely, to accomplish planned tasks.