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Case 1112-The Rotor & Frame assembly venture
Case 2215- Avionics
installation company  investment

Client was an aircraft rotor company interested in acquiring an equal share of interest in a target company producing complimentary sub-parts for a similar customer base. When retained, we approached the target company, presented client's vision to join efforts in making the production and assembly of the parts more robust while allowing client to inject additional capital in exchange for a negotiated interest in ownership in the target company. We strategized the entire process and met at our office on a biweekly basis for six months, and postponed the final transactional agreement until the end of the escrow period to insure that both parties were able to complete not only the due diligence period, but insure the target company "felt very comfortable" with meeting our client's company's capital injection terms.

Case 3324-Fire Damage of home & dispute between beneficiaries

When during an episode of a seasonal major fires in Southern California, a multimillion Dollar home was burned, killing the owner. The client, as executor of the estate was sued by an alleged omitted former spouse claiming interest in the fire insurance proceeds. Our firm was hired by the executor and in a fraction of the normal time it would have taken to litigate the dispute, we mediated a solution, introduced and completed the transactional sale of the property, maximizing the recovery of the for the decedent's adult offsprings. Our approach, satisfied the claimants, the estate, as well as the mortgage bank, the insurance company and the construction contractor all of whose claims were settled concurrently, avoiding reduction in the value of estate assets.

Our client was approached by a foreign investor interested in injection of capital in the sum of $12 Million Dollars into our client's company in exchange for sale of unique wiring components that the investor claimed would substantially increase the profit margin of the client's services. An additional complication was that the investor wished to also avail himself of the benefits of his investment under the USCIS investment category. Our firm worked closely with the investor's attorneys, USCIS as well as client's board of directors to insure a smooth and successful closure of the transaction. We we had to navigate through a various  Federal and  State governmental agencies, as well as the USCIS administrative regulatory maze. At the end it was a win-win situation for our client as well as the investor.

Case 4739 - Exceptional Microbiologist & the "unique solution"

A foreign born national with distinguished education and career as microbiologist, held patents for the cure of certain category of diabetes with a specific local asian plant, hired our firm to 1) obtain a permanent residency based on a unique category for the "persons of exceptional abilities & achievements" under the USCIS rules. We managed the collection and documentation for proper presentation of voluminous technical authorships and publications as he was in public health director in charge of the health for a state in China with over 220 million people and; 2)we drafted his application for establishment of a pharmaceutical production of his patented compounds. 

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